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We know that the telecommunications industry is highly competitive and customer satisfaction is key to success. Neticle Media Intelligence helps you to be one step ahead of everyone else by revealing what your clients and target audience want.

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We help telecom companies overcome their challenges

Product development - illustration

Product development

When you need a deeper understanding of reasons behind client dissatisfaction, pain points and widely praised features.

Complaint handling - illustration

Complaint handling

In case your company is present on several social media channels, and you have a hard time keeping up with all the comments, complaints and questions being published on them.

Brand tracking - illustration

Brand tracking

If you want to measure brand awareness and need some guidance in improving your public image.

Как функционира

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We ask for short briefs from our clients’ issues as a start.

Analysis - illustration


Based on the brief, our industry specialists and analysts create the keywords the companies want to monitor (brands, topics, products).

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Within 2 weeks, our new clients have access to comprehensive analyses about the keywords.

The benefits of using Neticle Media Intelligence

The benefits of using Neticle Media Intelligence

Get a grasp of what’s on your clients’ mind

Be aware of what people think about your tariff packages. Which application features do they like and dislike? How satisfied are they with the signal and data strength? Get instant feedback about every aspect of your service in order to develop the best products on the market

Get a grasp of what’s on your clients’ mind
Keep your customers satisfied with quick response time

Keep your customers satisfied with quick response time

Thanks to Neticle Media Intelligence, you will never miss a complaint or online criticism ever again. We evaluate every online content written about you and alert you when customer dissatisfaction gets so serious it’s time to react.

Have rich data on what your audience thinks about you

We provide both quantitative and qualitative data about your brands’ or products’ online reputation. Our social NPS measurement and many other innovative charts reveal insights that complement the traditional media analysis metrics.

Have rich data on what your audience think about you

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