A guide for Neticle data analytics

What is Neticle Media Intelligence?

A general overview about NMI.

NMI Basic Methodology

Details about data coverage, sources, keywords and aspects.

Getting Started with NMI

A guide for your first steps with Neticle Media Intelligence

Zurvey.io Platform

Get an overview of Neticle’s Customer Experience Data Platform, Zurvey.io - including its modules and main features.

Zurvey.io Text Analysis Methodology

Understand how text analysis is done & how you can tailor it to your needs. Learn about labeling textual data correctly and enriching with metadata.

Zurvey.io Home & Dataset

Find your way around the Zurvey.io homepage and the datasets.

Zurvey.io Inputs

Learn about the several dynamic and static input options available.

Zurvey.io Settings

Understand profile and group settings, quota tracking, as well as user management with different permission levels.

Zurvey.io Outputs

Export your data and set up the alerts you need. Understand Zurvey.io’s dashboards to get the best insights.

Zurvey.io Survey Module

All you need to know to create and design surveys, then distribute them in several ways.

Zurvey.io Audience

Create a respondent database in Zurvey.io and learn how to target them with campaigns.

Privacy & Legal

Establish survey data privacy and survey security for all your research with Zurvey.io.

Text Analysis API

More details about language capabilities, Natural Language Processing, and integration options.

Data API

Learn more about the data technology behind Neticle Media Intelligence.