International growth and ever-improving analyses are where it’s at for Neticle

Posted on 2 min.

Entering the Czech and Slovakian markets in March means a new milestone for us: Neticle has complete V4 coverage now, and our services have become available in 12 countries.

Isn't it great to have the same tool analysing textual data in the whole region? That is what Neticle’s recent market entry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia means for V4 countries.

Eight years ago, our company kicked off as a small Hungarian startup, but international growth has always been one of our main goals. 2020 has been a splendid year for that so far, as it wasn’t the V4 expansion that brought the first market entries of the year – we’ve also recently entered Germany.

We are proud to say that as we have left the startup phase behind, our text analysis services - namely intelligent media monitoring, media analysis and survey analysis - have become available in 12 European countries.

Why choose Neticle in Czechia and Slovakia?

As Róbert Horváth, our CTO pointed out in a recent interview, the three pillars of our success are collecting as much public data from the web as possible, analysing it with nearly human accuracy and visualising the results. We aim to be better at all three than other options on the market.

In these countries, the accuracy of our text analysis and the quality of our social media monitoring have already proven to be the best in the region, and we strive to help our clients with our industry expertise and reliable account management as well. If your brand is present in multiple countries in the region, you can already view your data from all places compiled into one chart.

To further support our presence in the new markets, our Czech and Slovakian sentiment testers are currently working in an extended schedule, which means that we can respond faster to client demands in these countries.

What’s in store for the upcoming months?

Customer experience wouldn’t be complete without online customer support, which is, of course, essential as our products and services are also in the online realm. We are currently placing an emphasis on further improving our online support and account management. As the coronavirus outbreak is keeping Europeans in a necessary home quarantine, companies need to react faster and move their operations to the digital realm.