Author Privacy Statement

This privacy statement addresses the personally identifiable information (“data”) that we (“us” or “Neticle”) collect and process about individual authors of online content (“Author”, “you” or “your”) through the services that we offer to our customers. Everyone who publishes information on publicly available websites is considered an author for purposes of this privacy statement.

General information

We are a Hungarian Plc called Neticle. Our office address is Leonardo da Vinci street 41, Budapest 1082, Hungary.

The information that we have access to is publicly available on the internet and it is published or made available by Authors. We use crawlers to index and collect publicly available information (including data) from the Internet and we also have contracts with third party providers to gain access to their information (including data). We collect and store this information in our databases.

As an Author, you are the source of the data. You have control over that data within the platform where you publish it, just like the privacy settings and options made available to you by that platform or website. In addition to whatever rights you have via your relationship with any publishing platform, you also have certain rights relating to your data that we process, as set out in this Privacy Statement.

All of the information that we have access to is publicly available, the information we have about you could be found by anybody online. Some of this information is personal data, like your name or username used on social media profiles. Other information we process may not be personal data (for example if you leave an anonymous comment under an article or blogpost).

We offer analytics of the collected data (our “Services”) to third parties and sometimes access to the raw data that is relevant to our customers. Data is deemed relevant if it contains references to that customer’s brand, product or other recognizable intellectual property.

What do we collect?

The collected data depends on what the source of the data (platform, website) makes available for us and your privacy settings on it. This data could include the following:

  • your name, username or other identifier;
  • the content you have published under that name, username or other identifier, for example comments, expressions, opinions or posts etc.
  • a link to the origin of the data (for example a link pointing to your tweet)
  • any other information you publish on any website we crawl on or a third party platform that provides us with data.

Sometimes we might deduce other information from the data connected to you. For example, we may guess your gender based on your name.

We may also analyse the content of the data published by you and provide this analysis to our customers as our Services. For example, if you publish a Facebook comment stating that you don’t like a certain brand’s product, we may mark that comment as having a negative sentiment in connection with that brand.

How do we use your data?

Neticle’s legitimate interest is providing technology and analysis that helps customers understand the online content written about their product or brand, so they can act in certain ways and make business decisions with more certainty. Thanks to our Services, they can learn more about their brand, customers, competitors and other information available on the internet that is relevant to them. The legal basis for the data we process is in accordance with our legitimate interests.

Deducing data about you takes place automatically. Our algorithm based system analyses the data published by you, we don’t make any decisions about the processing. The inferences are based on algorithms that analyse the data that you have posted. It is up to our customers what (if anything) to do with that information.

We may also use the data to improve our Services.

Neticle’s main goal is to provide useful information from the collected data to our customers through our analysis.

Sharing your data

In addition to sharing your data with our customers, we may share your data with any member of our company group (i.e. our subsidiaries, parent companies, and affiliates).

We may share your data with selected third parties, including our business partners, suppliers, and sub-contractors, for the performance of any contract we enter into with them.

We may disclose your data to other third parties. For example, if we sell or buy any businesses or assets, we may disclose your data to the prospective seller or buyer of such businesses or assets. Alternatively, if we or substantially all of our assets are acquired by a third party, your data may be part of the transferred assets.

If any third party processes any of your data, we ensure there are sufficient contractual and operational safeguards protecting your data.

Accuracy and retention

Most of the data we have about you comes directly from you. If it is inaccurate, we advise you to fix it on the original platform where you published that data. If we deduce data about you, it is our aim to ensure that any of this additional data is accurate and kept up to date.

We will retain any data about you for as long as it is reasonably necessary for us to provide our Services. However, if you request to delete your data, or if you delete your data from the platform where it was originally published, we will also delete your data from our Services.

Storage, security and your rights

We may transfer your data to (and store it in) a country other than your own. That country may not provide the same level of data protection as your own country.

The servers in which we hold your data have appropriate administrative, technical, and physical controls that are designed to safeguard your data, including industry-standard encryption technology.

You have many legal rights in your data under applicable data privacy law. Under applicable law you may:

  • request access to the data that we have about you and request it to be updated, rectified, deleted, or blocked
  • request that we refrain from further use of any data we hold about you.

To exercise any rights listed above, please email us at [email protected] or write to us at the address listed at the top of this document.

Privacy practices of third parties

This privacy statement only addresses our collection, processing, and use (including disclosure) of your data. Our customers and other third parties that may have access to your data can use it in other ways in accordance with their own privacy practices and applicable law. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the privacy statements provided by any platform you use to publish any information.

Data processing and data protection regarding contacting users

The section of this privacy statement addresses the owner of personal data (“user”) that was submitted through any platform that belongs to Neticle (“we” or “us”). Neticle stores the personal data of certain users for the purpose of direct marketing. We only use these data if the user provided their data voluntarily and willingly. This processing protocol is in accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1. Newsletter

When signing up for a newsletter, these things fall under personal data:

  • name
  • email address

Neticle uses the MailerLite newsletter system, that additionally stores the user’s IP address, time of signup, and the website’s link that redirected the user to the sign up page.

If the user wishes to unsubscribe from our newsletter, this option is offered at the footer of every email.

2. Social Media Sites

If the user subscribes through a direct marketing service, through a post on a social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn), the user gives consent to Neticle to store and use the user’s certain personal data, and to send promotional emails until the user’s unsubscription.

The following falls under personal data:

  • name
  • email address

Furthermore, we store the following information that does not fall under personal data:

  • position at work
  • company name
  • place of residence (country)

3. Hubspot

In certain cases we input the personal data of potential clients onto the Hubspot system, so we can send promotional emails to the user. This happens if the user provided their personal data when applying for the trial version of Neticle (demo request). In certain cases, Neticle employees might send emails to the user even if the user did not request the demo version of Neticle, but their email address is publicly available to everyone on a platform, where in all likeliness the user shared their personal data in order to facilitate contact.

In this case, the following falls under personal data:

  • name
  • phone number
  • email address

If a contract is signed between the user and Neticle afterwards, the contract will include the contact person's personal data (name, email address, phone number). Neticle will continue to use this data for promotional purposes, with the consent of the contact person.

We only use data for our own promotional purposes, we do not share it with third parties. The servers where we store the data are up to date and properly regulated administratively, physically and technically, and were designed to guard and protect data, including the industry-standard encryption technologies. If the data is stored on another platform’s server which we use for direct marketing, keeping your data safe and protected is their responsibility.

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