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Intelligent media monitoring, media analysis and social listening.

Neticle saves you time by finding and processing every relevant mention, thanks to our humanly precise automated analysis.

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How does it work?

Text collecting

We monitor the web in real-time, and we find every mention of your brand, company, product or competitors.

Automated text analysis

With human-level precision, Neticle’s system analyses every mention automatically. It recognizes the texts’ positive or negative tone and the key topics, persons, brands, companies or locations found.

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How it helps

If you want to dig deeper in the analysis...


  • Thanks to our visualized charts and graphs, you can understand in minutes what the internet users think about you or your competitors.

  • You can track in real-time how successful your campaign is and what opinions are being formed about you or the competitors.

  • You will learn all the useful conclusions based on people’s opinion without actually reading the relevant articles, blogs, posts, comments or reviews.

From now on, you don’t have to read and process every single mention. Our graphs reveal every important insight you need for strategy planning and making communication or business decisions.

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If you want to be up-to-date all the time...

Newsletters & Notifications

  • We notify you immediately when there is a sudden uptake in references to you or your competitors. This way you can react to these mentions quickly and prevent any crises of reputation.

  • We also let you know when a relevant hot topic is identified so you can catch the wave of current trends faster than anyone else.

  • We send you a regular newsletter about you or your competitors’ online presence.

This way you will save time by not having to browse the web looking for mentions in order to get a full overview about your online presence. Neticle will do that job for you.

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If you need quick but effective insights...


  • If you need quick and objective directions for decision making, our experts will make you an all-inclusive report.

  • Whether your are curious about you or your competitors, identifying target groups, opinion leaders or relevant topics, we know all the answers to your questions!

  • Our historic data storage makes it possible not only to analyze current trends but to place them within a bigger picture.

Our team of experts presents you all the conclusions you need, so you only have to deal with the decision making!

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Why choose us?

We find the most relevant mentions

The main advantage of our system is that we focus not only on major websites but smaller, more specific platforms, too. We find every article, blog, social media post and comment that can be relevant to you.

We have the most punctual language analysis

Our complex language algorithms are constantly fine-tuned by Neticle’s own IT team. This way we immediately add new slang or newly established words and expressions found in the texts. Furthermore, we can detect such things as double negations and irony.

Comfort is the key

Our team’s motto is “dare to be lazy”. Our automated system is very simple and convenient, every insight can be gained within minutes. No experience with analysis or any other skill is necessary to use our dashboard system.

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They chose us

Nearly 100 of our clients are key players in the banking and insurance, ICT and agency sectors.

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