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We boost business decisions with
automated text analysis

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Neticle Labs is an online media monitoring and business intelligence services company that supports corporate decisions by getting insights automatically from online content or any given text.

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What we do

neticle’s proprietary sentiment and semantic analysis technology works with outstanding human-level precision. We know how to get insights automatically from texts and we build products and services applying this technology.

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Thomas really doesn't like the Telco Company's mobile internet in Germany. 4g is still a dream, his apps are useless with their service. The coverage is really awful he can not use in the office nor at home. Thought he is still satisfied with their customer service, they are really kind and proactive whit his problems.
  • Recognizing
    • positive phrases,
    • negative phrases,
    • brands,
    • places,
    • persons
  • Quantifying opinions: -3
  • Identifying main topics: 4g, app, internet


Neticle Media Intelligence

We show you what the web thinks about your brand, company, product or market. Let us save your time with AI supported automated media intelligence.

Neticle finds the highest number of relevant mentions of your brand by gathering online, social and offline media content real-time and creates insights with outstanding human-level precise sentiment and language algorithms.

Available in bulgarian, english, hungarian and romanian.

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Automated Customer Feedback Insights with Zurvey

You’re sitting on a vast amount of text data. We’re helping you to understand it in minutes.

Zurvey is a text analytics online tool which is able to analyse any quantity of text automatically with human level accuracy. You can identify the main topics and patterns, quantify main opinions and analyse targeted questions.

Available in Bulgarian, English, Hungarian and Romanian.

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Neticle Semantic API

We integrate sentiment analysis and text mining services

The Neticle Semantic API provides market leading, human-level accurate sentiment and semantic analysis toolkit for in-house corporate use being integrated into internal system of a customer.

Available in bulgarian, english, hungarian and romanian.

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Content API

We store historical data about the content we find

We store historical data which enables us to analyse large quantities of historical data about a topic.
We differentiate web sites and their front pages which allows analysis of keywords based on front pages of the bigger Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian portals.

Available in bulgarian, hungarian and romanian.


About Us


We are enthusiastic about transparency and openness both inward and outward from the very first moment, therefore Neticle team members are all aware of all the relevant business information like revenues, plans, roadmaps and wages.

Equal rights

Neticle ensures the same opportunities to all the employees, evaluate them only based on their talent and diligence, and does not discriminate people because of their gender, age, nationality or sexual orientation. Our absolutely transparent salary system is a proof of this.


Being flexible is also one of the core values of Neticle. That means team members can work in flexible working hours, home office or part time. We believe that flexibility can support the engagement and creativity.

“All the team members should know their roles and feel the importance their roles. We strongly believe that we can be successful only if we work and cooperate as a team that have common goals and where everybody is equally important.”

This is what in we believe. The team is one of the most important values of Neticle. It can be described as having an obsession-level commitment, strong teamwork and creative thinking. When we are hiring new employees compatibility to the team is one of the most important criteria. We are looking for people who are fit into the corporate culture, who can work independently, who are ready to learn and who want to be a part of the story.

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Георги Андонов

Country Manager

Zoltán Csikós

Co-founder & CIO
Photo of Tamás Csőre

Tamás Csőre

Junior Backend Developer

Павлина Димитрова

Marketing & Sales Director

Kamilla Domján

Marketing Trainee
Photo of Luca Gaál

Luca Gaál

Junior Web Developer

Mária Görög

Russian Text Analyser

Gergő Grigorov

Junior Media Analysis Consultant

Ádám Gulyás

Media Analysis Consultant
Photo of Réka György-Mózes

Réka György-Mózes

Data Recording Trainee

Róbert Horváth

Co-founder & CTO

Kinga Juhász


Bálint Katócs

Media Analysis Consultant

Bernadett Kiss

Online Marketing

Réka Kosik

Online Marketing

Blanka Kovács

Junior Copywriter
Photo of Kinga Lipusz

Kinga Lipusz

Marketing & Communication

Nóra Ludvai

Web Developer Trainee

Éva Laura Mihályi

Head of Finance

Zsolt Nagy

Data Recording Trainee

Dávid Papp


Mihály Pinczi

Media Analysis Consultant

Barbara Sárdi

Photo of Ádám Simor

Ádám Simor


Kata Sótér-Schneider

Senior Analyst

Stanislav Ryzhov

Senior Partner
Photo of Kitti Sütöri

Kitti Sütöri

Web Developer Trainee

Ákos Szász


Péter Szekeres

Co-founder & CEO

Kinga Székely


Tamás Tóth

Media Analysis Consultant

Anna Vancsó

Senior Analyst
Photo of Zsolt Venczel

Zsolt Venczel

Data Recording Trainee

Péter Zelenák

Head of Analysis
Special thanks to Anna Südi, IQB, Márton Takács, Gábor Vereb, János Pásztor, Eszter Oblath, Orsolya Vásárhelyi, János Wicha, Ákos Fáth, Ed Sanborn, Ákos Tolnai, Dávid Schmidt, Márton Tasnádi


Photo of Péter Szekeres

Szekeres Péter

Co-founder & CEO
+36 70 701 6488

Photo of Róbert Horváth

Horváth Róbert

Co-founder & CTO
+36 70 602 9860

Photo of Tamás Tóth

Tóth Marcell Tamás

Sales & Media Analysis Consultant
+36 30 779 4626

Photo of Kinga Lipusz

Kinga Lipusz

Marketing & Communication
+36 70 325 9562

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You can find us in Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Romania and South-Africa.