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We help you make better business decisions based on text analysis.
Do you have a lot of textual data? You’ve come to the right place.

Finding the answers to your burning questions in vast amounts of digital content is what drives us at Neticle. Be it social media, blog posts, articles or incoming emails and surveys, our goal is to save you time and aid your business decisions with our thorough analyses.


How do we do that?

Our unique automated text analysis algorithm works with near-human accuracy, uncovering important topics, names, organisations, emotions and much more. It already understands 29 languages and can learn a new one in just 10 weeks. We have developed four products that all utilise the algorithm in different ways, thus they can suit your company’s specific needs. We love to help clients find solutions that best fit their own line of work.


Neticle was founded in Hungary by Péter Szekeres, Róbert Horváth and Zoltán Csikós.



We became Hungarian market leaders in online media monitoring.



A big year for us: we entered the international market as our services became available in Bulgaria.



Zurvey.io, our automated survey tool entered our portfolio and we also entered the Romanian market.



Our two APIs became part of the portfolio and Neticle’s services became available in 9 countries altogether.
We received a substantial investment of €2,5 million.



We’re turning the investment into growth: our team already has more than 50 members and our services are available in 16 countries.

Transparency - equal rights - flexibility

We have believed in these values from the very first moment and have worked hard to manifest them in every aspect of our operation, especially as the team has grown significantly. Neticle team members are all aware of relevant business information such as revenues, plans, roadmaps, and wages. We provide the same opportunities to all employees, only evaluate them by their talent and diligence, and would never discriminate based on gender, age, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Our completely transparent salary system is a proof of this. Team members can work in flexible hours, home office or part-time, because we feel that setting rigidity aside supports engagement and creativity.


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Zoltán Csikós

Co-founder & CIO zoltan.csikos@neticle.com +36 70 624 6955

Róbert Horváth

Co-founder & CTO robert.horvath@neticle.com +36 70 602 9860

Péter Szekeres

Co-founder & CEO peter.szekeres@neticle.com +36 70 701 6488

Corvin Technology & Science Park, building C5
44-46 Bókay János Str., H-1083 Budapest

Registered seat:
Apt. #2 ground floor, 28 Naphegy Street
H-1016 Budapest

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Neticle Plc.
Billing address: H-1016 Budapest, Naphegy utca 28. fszt. 2
VAT number: 28996752-2-41
EU VAT number: HU28996752


Bank details:
Owner of the bank account: Neticle Plc.

Account-keeping bank: Erste Bank Hungary Zrt
EUR IBAN: HU73116000060000000199423437
HUF IBAN: HU46116000060000000199423341