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neticle’s proprietary sentiment and semantic analysis technology works with outstanding human-level precision. We know how to get insights automatically from texts and we build products and services applying this technology.

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Neticle Media Intelligence

Intelligent media monitoring, media analysis and social listening with perfect coverage and understanding in Bulgarian, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian.
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Neticle Text Analysis API

Convert structured data from unstructured with market leading, humanly accurate sentiment and semantic analysis toolkit for in-house corporate use. Perfect understanding in Bulgarian, Dutch, English, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian.
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Automated text insights in the era of experience economy with unique language capabilities to understand Bulgarian, Dutch, English, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian text data with human-level precision.
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Neticle Data API

Integrate easily real-time and sentiment based social and online media KPIs and feed into your own platform. Put media intelligence data on your Tableau, Power BI and Google Data Studio dashboard.
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Our values


We are enthusiastic about transparency and openness both inward and outward from the very first moment, therefore Neticle team members are all aware of all the relevant business information like revenues, plans, roadmaps and wages.

Equal rights

Neticle ensures the same opportunities to all the employees, evaluate them only based on their talent and diligence, and does not discriminate people because of their gender, age, nationality or sexual orientation. Our absolutely transparent salary system is a proof of this.


Being flexible is also one of the core values of Neticle. That means team members can work in flexible working hours, home office or part time. We believe that flexibility can support the engagement and creativity.

“All the team members should know their roles and feel the importance their roles. We strongly believe that we can be successful only if we work and cooperate as a team that have common goals and where everybody is equally important.”

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1082 Budapest, Leonardo da Vinci u. 41. (2. em. 14.)

1213 Budapest, Vető utca 10.
Photo of Zoltán Csikós
Zoltán Csikós

Co-founder & CIO
[email protected]
+36 70 624 6955

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Róbert Horváth

Co-founder & CTO
[email protected]
+36 70 602 9860

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Péter Szekeres

Co-founder & CEO
[email protected]
+36 70 701 6488