Meet our team

Photo of Zsófia Antal
Zsófia Antal


Photo of Márta Balázs
Márta Balázs

Junior Client Success Manager

Photo of Sarolta Bessenyei-Henter
Sarolta Bessenyei-Henter

Media Intelligence Account Executive

Photo of Zoltán Csikós
Zoltán Csikós

Co-founder & CIO

Photo of Tamás Csőre
Tamás Csőre

Backend Developer

Photo of Dániel Dobai
Dániel Dobai

Data Recorder

Photo of Bernadett Engi
Bernadett Engi

Client Success Manager

Photo of Kinga Fegyó
Kinga Fegyó

Junior NLP Specialist

Photo of Diána Galavics
Diána Galavics

Business Development Specialist

Photo of Luca Gaál
Luca Gaál

Web Developer

Photo of Ádám Gulyás
Ádám Gulyás

Head of Media Intelligence Sales

Photo of Réka György-Mózes
Réka György-Mózes

Junior Web Developer

Photo of Mária Görög
Mária Görög

Russian Text Analyser

Photo of Vivien Haraszti
Vivien Haraszti

Financial Assistant

Photo of Michel Henss
Michel Henss

Head of Client Services

Photo of Ádám Hetlinger
Ádám Hetlinger

Data Recording Trainee

Photo of Róbert Horváth
Róbert Horváth

Co-founder & CTO

Photo of Kinga Juhász
Kinga Juhász


Photo of Janka Jung
Janka Jung

Junior Analyst

Photo of Péter Katona
Péter Katona


Photo of Bálint Katócs
Bálint Katócs Product Owner

Photo of Dávid Kocsis
Dávid Kocsis

Data Recording Trainee

Photo of Daniella Kurucz
Daniella Kurucz

Finance Associate

Photo of Tamás Meszlényi
Tamás Meszlényi


Photo of Éva Laura Mihályi
Éva Laura Mihályi

Head of Finance

Photo of Zsolt Nagy
Zsolt Nagy

Junior Backend Developer

Photo of Edina Nikoletti
Edina Nikoletti


Photo of Anna Obrcián
Anna Obrcián

Client Success Manager

Photo of Fatime Péczka
Fatime Péczka

Head of People

Photo of Stanislav Ryzhov
Stanislav Ryzhov

Senior Partner

Photo of Kitti Salamon
Kitti Salamon

Frontend Developer

Photo of Gabriella Sinka
Gabriella Sinka

Head of Marketing

Photo of Flóra Sipos
Flóra Sipos

Analyst Trainee

Photo of Zsolt Sipos
Zsolt Sipos

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Photo of Péter Szekeres
Péter Szekeres

Co-founder & CEO

Photo of Ádám Szigeti
Ádám Szigeti

Frontend Developer

Photo of Ákos Szász
Ákos Szász


Photo of Kinga Székely
Kinga Székely


Photo of Barbara Sárdi
Barbara Sárdi


Photo of Kata Sótér-Schneider
Kata Sótér-Schneider

Senior Analyst

Photo of Kitti Sütöri
Kitti Sütöri

Junior Web Developer

Photo of Rita Tatárka
Rita Tatárka

Squad Lead Business Development

Photo of Tamás Tóth
Tamás Tóth

Customer Experience Account Executive

Photo of Péter Veres
Péter Veres

Backend Developer

Photo of Péter Zelenák
Péter Zelenák

Head of Analysis

Photo of Tamás Zsellér
Tamás Zsellér

System Administrator

Illustration: team

Transparency and flexibility are two of our core values, appearing in several aspects of our company culture.

Our salary system is completely transparent and the whole team is aware of all the information relevant to our business.

We believe that flexibility supports engagement and creativity, so personalised schedules, home office and part-time work are all integrated into our normal operation.

Illustration: lamp
Illustration: team