The door is open for augmented reality and async work

Posted on 1 min.

The lifestyle that emerged during the pandemic brought more online purchases and online administration along. Péter Szekeres, Neticle’s CEO predicts intriguing changes based on this and has shared them with CIO Applications Magazine.

Consumers have had a taste of what it's like to fully manage their lives online and in real-time. They now wish to do so as much as possible, and they expect the best in customer care. “I personally expect the emergence of augmented and virtual reality applications to support shopping decisions” – speculates Péter Szekeres, CEO of Neticle. “You can check the style and size of a pair of jeans online, but it would be much more engaging if you could try them on virtually. You can see a piece of furniture in an online catalogue or in a photo of a nicely designed apartment, but you also want to feel it out in your living room.” Augmentation technology is already available, and the required computational capacity is sitting in our pockets.

The lifestyle change also means that remote access management and toolsets supporting async work will become essential for every business. It will generate simple and secure solutions for different company sizes...

What sort of toolsets are coming? What other innovations are to be expected in the world of retail and technology? Read the full article here to find out.