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Companies and webshops are receiving a lot of written feedbacks every day about their product, and services through reviews, comments on blogs and forums, customer satisfaction surveys etc. Processing this data is very important to finetune the marketing strategy, to improve the offer and the services. The process of finding, reading and categorizing these comments and mentions requires a huge investment of time and resources. Often it’s needed a dedicated person taking care of this unstructured data.


Neticle’s API provides an automated review evaluation. Based on the analysis you can see clearly the deal-breaker attributes of your product or service, understand what your customers like or dislike, and get easily an input about the new product development direction.

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Kick-off workshop

3 hours

Kick-off workshop to understand review categories and patterns recognized by key colleagues.

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1 week

Analysis of reviews to set up frequent patterns and routing rules.

Implementation steps illustration

1 week

Implementation of the rules to the default Text Analysis engine. Monthly review of the rules and email traffic to keep updated the routing algorithm.


By implementing our API solution you can ensure not just a better complaint handling, and reduce the chance of negative reviews to go viral, but also a more precise, customer-based product development plan.

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