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Chatbots are becoming a more and more popular solution between businesses to assist their customers. Although it speeds up the response times, if the customer’s problem or request is not understood correctly by the chatbot, the customer can get frustrated, causing a higher churn rate and a worse customer experience.


By implementing Neticle’s API solution the chatbot conversion can be measured and evaluated real-time. The level of customer anxiety can be quantified as the sentiment score. This way is possible to involve a real account manager, above a certain value, avoiding unnecessary frustration and ensuring a prompt solution to the customer’s issue.

Implementation steps illustration
Kick-off workshop

3 hours

Kick-off workshop to understand chat conversation categories and patterns recognized by key colleagues.

Implementation steps illustration

1 week

Analysis of historical chat messages to set up frequent patterns and routing rules.

Implementation steps illustration

1 week

Implementation of the rules to the default Text Analysis engine. Monthly review of the rules and chat traffic to keep updated the routing algorithm.


Conversational bots are not designed to take care of difficult customer issues. By using our API you will be able to guarantee a faster response to simple queries, reduce the churn rate and avoid frustration by forwarding the more complex ones to a dedicated person. Moreover, the Monthly analysis of chat messages helps to finetune the bot for exceptions and provides good inputs for the education of the support and account teams.

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