More languages & smarter products: resilience in the face of adversity

Posted on 4 min.

Neticle heavily relied on one of the company’s core values in 2021: flexibility. We developed all our products to be able to work with even more sources and targets, and we added several new languages to the repertoire. Can’t wait to see all of it put to good use in 2022!

2021 was a tough but exciting year for Neticle. Even though the pandemic continued to present challenges throughout the better part of the year, we have managed to go through with some significant developments that also made us more stable and resilient against any risky situation that came up.

Since Neticle offers text analytics solutions, widening the range of available languages has always been one of our top priorities. Our repertoire had contained close to 20 languages before 2021, however, the year brought along an even greater coverage: Neticle’s services have also become available in the Nordic region, and we’re very close to complete European coverage as well. Starting with just Hungarian in 2012, we have come a very long way. We’ve always believed in custom solutions and learning complex languages, providing services for areas that otherwise had no text analytics options available.

We are not limited to European languages though, and on request, we’re always happy to add new ones, which usually takes about 8 weeks for each.


New features for all our products

Neticle Media Intelligence and both got smarter, along with our Data API, which has received a facelift. What we are most proud of is how our products can work together to create the best solutions in CX and in the monitoring of one’s online reputation, providing a 360-degree view. We have also made significant progress in integrating results into clients’ own systems, for example into Power BI. can now work with five different types of inputs: besides file upload and survey creation, there is an email connector, a general API that works with any kind of data source, and a specific connector to integrate social media data from Neticle Media Intelligence. The CX tool has also become safer with advanced access control, and handles CSAT data just as professionally as NPS.

Neticle Media Intelligence has four new inbound sources: Facebook Groups and Facebook Messenger, Google Maps reviews, and newsletters. Content collected from these sources appears on the NMI dashboard’s charts and among the individual hits as well. And there’s development on the outgoing front as well: thanks to the Data API’s metadata boost, NMI’s results can seamlessly be funneled into Tableau, Power BI and Google Data Studio.


We’d love to create a custom solution for you!

In 2022, we hope that even more clients take advantage of the flexibility and customizability of Neticle’s solutions across different industries. We’re always happy to provide the necessary input for new integrations, create custom dashboards for, and of course our Analyst team is always ready to create meticulous and detailed reports based on clients’ individual needs. If you have a special request or idea, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’d love to help!