Neticle's 2019 in numbers

Posted on 2 min.

As the new decade just kicked in, it's time to summarize up what made 2019 so great to us. First of all, it was you - thank you for being part of our journey all year long!

We started off as a Hungarian media monitoring startup but in 2019, we became an enterprise text analytics company in 9 countries with a 2,5 million Euro investment to help us grow even bigger.

And that's just the surface of it!

Let's see how our products and team developed over the year:

Our team will start 2020 with 53 members

From 2019, we provide 4 products and we also help companies to build their unique text analysis solutions. Thus we rebranded Neticle with new logos, websites and messages.

We collected 1 035 781 920 mentions from the web in 9 countries

Our office got bigger (and better with a new coffee machine)

We analysed 5 292 077 text units in this year

And our users created 5 surveys per day in

Last but not least, we received an investment (€) to help us grow even bigger in 2020