Neticle: rebranded

Posted on 3 min.

Big news are coming from Neticle, the Budapest based text analysis company. After months of brainstorming and implementation, we have pulled off a complete rebranding process. As our colleagues say, it was a challenging time but it has clearly paid off in the end. Our public image finally reflects on the fact that we are not just an up-and-coming startup anymore but market leaders in the Central and Eastern European region.

Neticle was found in 2012 by Péter Szekeres, Róbert Horváth, and Zoltán Csikós and it started as an intelligent media monitoring tool. Thanks to the solution they have developed, companies can see and analyse their online reputation in modern and cutting-edge ways. However, the text analysis methods work well for other solutions, too. This is why we have an established product portfolio now. Besides Neticle Media Intelligence, there is, a feedback and customer experience analysis tool and the integrable API’s of these solutions: Text Analysis API and Data API.

The most significant part of the process was restructuring the company and product websites. For a B2B startup, our own websites are still the most important source and platform to channel our services and benefits. Having become a startup now addressing prestigious multinational companies with multiple products and solutions, new catchphrases and new visual materials were needed as well.

‘For years, we were the company that showed brands what the web thinks about them and their products. We were spreading this message everywhere until we launched 3 more products and entered 8 more countries - and realized that we are no longer just a media monitoring company as we were before. With this shift, we needed a refreshed brand image, emphasizing our enterprise text analytics toolkit. Eventually, we compiled the messages, visual and communication of this move so now you can meet a (literally) brand new Neticle’ said Bernadett Kiss, Head of Marketing at Neticle.

It was clear that Neticle has gained the most experience in dealing with companies from different sectors. As we have got clients in many countries with specific requests, we truly have become an expert in industry-specific needs regarding efficient text analysis solutions. This is why we decided on making the unique selling proposition our specific services in Banking, Telecommunications, Retail, Insurance, Agencies, HR, and Research Centres. These messages now give the core for the new website structure and the general communication strategy as well. Thanks to this, it is easier for people to understand quickly what Neticle does, how each of our products works and how these tools can help them in various ways with text analysis.

The rebranding process had to be followed by a redesigning, too. Ákos Szász, our Web Designer says the biggest challenge was to create a unified look for the whole Neticle brand. The core modules, like logo styles, headlines, and structural graphic items are now the same, but each product has its own color theme and visual language. This way the websites and the sales and marketing materials still can be distinguished by product. However, if you look at them, you will still have the feeling that they belong together, under the name of Neticle.

If you want to get familiar with the New neticle brand, we suggest you to start with the company page. This will lead you to the new websites and materials.