Let's discover the trends of the text analysis industry together!

Posted on 1 min.

Trends in big data and text analytics are changing rapidly, propelled both by the increased drive to meet client expectations, and the fast pace of technical developments in terms of automation and AI. We're launching a survey to shed light on the direction the industry is taking.

To better understand how industry professionals in small and large enterprises use text analysis, we've put together a survey that maps out where they are in their journeys. Text analysis can be used to solve various challenges, but the level at which a company takes advantage of its benefits varies greatly.

Learning about text analysis related issues matters to us, because besides client requests, we also strive to develop our products to meet current needs worldwide.

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To everyone who participates, we offer a 30-minute consultation with one of our NLP specialists, who will assess how they're currently using automated text analysis, and whether it could be useful in other areas in their organization.