What TikTok users think about your brand

Posted on 2 min.

Neticle has reached a new milestone: we proudly announce that our Media Intelligence will now provide insights about mentions from TikTok as well.  It is pretty much common knowledge that the app has gained significant popularity among teenagers and young adults since its launch in 2017 – and from now on we can better understand what the users talk about. To celebrate that Neticle has started to analyse TikTok, we summed up why companies should reckon with this huge force.

One thing is certain: TikTok is a hot topic worldwide but to prove why it should have a special role in your marketing strategy, we analysed the Hungarian, Polish and Romanian web to find out what the internet users think about this app.

Find the right platform for your target group

Based on the mentions it seems that many are still trying to wrap their heads around the phenomenon of TikTok in all three countries, sometimes laughing at it, but it’s also being taken seriously, as lots of people have recognised that it has power over a certain age group. One of the reasons for it to be taken as a serious factor is its role in influencer marketing. Many brands and young people are making huge amounts of money already from their TikTok presence.

Plan multi-channel campaigns

Video mentions are the second most significant category, and they’ve become the number one source of mentions both in Romania and Hungary. The reason for this is that young video content makers, especially YouTubers (but also Instagrammers, indicated separately) are always linking and promoting their TikTok profiles in the video descriptions. If influencers use several platforms, why not maximise the power in the cooperation to reach more potential clients?

Know every bit of your brand’s online reputation

Continuous monitoring is key when planning and evaluating marketing activities. Thanks to Neticle, you’ll be able to analyse all the prominent social media platforms (for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok) on one site using different aspects. Spot industry trends, keep an eye on the competitors and get valuable, 360° insights to answer: what users think about your brand?

Check the real-time data to learn more about what users love or hate about your brand!