Breaking news: Neticle has levelled up

Posted on 1 min.

We’re starting February with an important step forward, as from now on, Neticle operates as a Private Limited Company.

After more than eight years on the market, we have reached another important milestone. Neticle Labs Ltd. and Neticle Technologies Ltd. have completed a merger and continue as Neticle Plc. from the 1st of February.

It is not only a company type preferred by possible investors, but it also better suits the level of maturity and stability we have reached thanks to the hard work of our team. With a continuously growing group of happy clients, we’re proud to say that our product-market fit has reached an advanced stage. During the past couple of years, Neticle has also become well equipped to fulfil the needs of enterprises both in terms of products and services.

As a Private Limited Company, it will also be easier to reinforce our image as an international European business” – emphasises Péter Szekeres, Chairman of the Board of Neticle Plc. And there is good reason for that. “One of our most important short-term goals is to achieve complete European language coverage – we plan to reach that already by the end of the first quarter of the year.