No more invoices in the mail from Neticle

Posted on 2 min.

Except for your electronic inbox, of course – but there’s no need to print anymore!

There are so many small and big ways in which one can join to combat the destruction of our environment and to become more sustainable. Neticle also began as a small startup, but has built up significant momentum during its 10 years of operation. Similarly, we believe in doing what little we can to become smarter with our resources.

For example, Neticle doesn’t have a company car fleet. When we need to travel to events in Hungary or to neighboring countries, our colleagues use public transport. Train rides are even great for multitasking: it’s easy to get work done on the way to a conference.

There is another area where we have always tried to minimize our impact, and that is printing invoices. Electronic invoicing is becoming more and more widespread across the globe. For example, from April 2019, the public administrations of all European Union member states are compelled to electronically receive and process their invoices. This concerns any B2G and G2G trades and transactions within the EU.

zrt_cover_Rajztábla 1

The B2B sector - in which Neticle operates – is also a leader in this area. In some countries, such as India and China, B2B e-invoicing is already pushing 80 and 70 percent, respectively. Neticle’s finance team however would not have been satisfied with these percentages and kept going, to bring all our partners on board. Now we are proud to report that 100% of our outgoing invoices are electronic. (About 8% still have a traditional format, but even those are sent via email so there is no need to print and post them in the mail.)

A small step for our company, but we hope to set a good example and encourage all our partners to do the same. Who likes to organize huge piles of paper, anyway?