Team building & charity work: a perfect match

Posted on 2 min.

Our team has started a new tradition of incorporating philanthropy into team building activities. This time we renovated a nursery school, and we can’t wait to continue!

Building a successful team requires more than hiring a group of people with the right mix of skills. Teams become much more productive when their members trust and respect each other, but you can’t magically make these feelings manifest. Instead, you need to invest time and effort into creating opportunities for your colleagues to loosen up a little and get to know each other. This is why at Neticle, we regularly organize various team building events, and we try to incorporate employee feedback into planning these activities, too.

When the idea to do something charitable came up, it received unanimous support from everybody. Being conscious of the impact we have on society as a company has always been a top priority for Neticle. This is part of the reason why transparency and equal rights are among our main values - however, operating this way in our daily work is not enough, and Neticle as a company can do much more than simply provide fair and equal opportunities around employment. As we've just experienced first hand, team building and doing charity work go perfectly together!


One early morning last week, Neticle’s employees all climbed into a bus and rode to Győr, a city in the western part of Hungary, where a few teachers were waiting for us in a nursery school to show us our arranged tasks. Throughout the day, Neticle's team painted tables and benches, the nursery's fence, a wooden house in the yard, and freed some garden beds of weeds. This was truly a very small service in comparison to the extremely important work of nursery school teachers, and we hope that we’ve been able to make the place a little nicer for children to come and play.

IMG_4679 (1)

Back in Budapest, we closed out the evening with some celebratory cake and drinks. Apart from finishing the days’ important work, we had an extra reason to feel elated: the company has recently reached the milestone of turning ten years old. The founding members say that the time has gone by in a flash, and we all can’t wait to see what more we can create together. Further charitable team building events will definitely be among those things. 🙂