Neticle now gives free access to a live experience of social listening

Posted on 1 min.

We have reached a new milestone: we’ve made it possible for anyone to easily encounter the true power of real-time data analysis.

The internet is a place of unlimited data analysis potential. And the best part is that this is true even without reaching for private data. The immense amount of public data available to anybody is a treasure trove of insight, when you have the capability to work with it.

Neticle’s social listening solution, Neticle Media Intelligence, is certainly equipped with that capability, and we would like to show you a glimpse into what it can do. So, we’re very proud to announce the launch of our live experience page, where our informative charts display the online reputation and the Net Sentiment Score of several prominent brands in real-time.

At any given moment, you can take a look and see how some of the biggest telecommunication companies and banks of the European region have performed in the last few weeks, up to the present day. If online users are dissatisfied, the index showing their online reputation will go down, while their Net Sentiment Score will go into the negative realm. However, if they leave positive feedback, the charts will quickly show the shift in that direction.

This is of course just a teaser of our analytic capabilities: with Natural Language Processing in the background, we can reveal much more about what is being said about any brand or topic.

The Live Experience has been in the making for quite some time, and we’re thankful to the whole team for working hard and reaching this important company milestone.