6+1 channels you didn’t know you needed to monitor

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Neticle Media Intelligence’s scope is always expanding. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most underrated or omitted content types that need to be in your social listening analysis.

If you’ve been using our social listening or customer feedback analytics services, you might have come across the term ‘360-degree coverage’. We often use this expression to describe how Neticle Media Intelligence and Zurvey.io together can give you the full picture about your reputation, your competitors and what your customers are thinking. This happens via monitoring various online channels as well as direct feedback from emails or CRM systems - and much more.


The scope is pretty wide, and we are constantly looking at ways to expand it further. Sometimes our clients are surprised at what is already available via social listening. In this blogpost, we’d like to highlight some of the lesser known but very useful possibilities built into Neticle Media Intelligence. Take advantage of them to enhance your reputation or campaigns and get ahead of your competitors!


  1. 1. Facebook dark posts

What are dark posts on Facebook? They might sound menacing, but in reality they are page posts only existing as targeted ads. They cannot be discovered from the page’s timeline (leaving followers in the dark). Dark posts are created specifically for lead generation and conversion, so they don’t exist as regular organic posts or even as boosted social content.


However, these ads can be discovered by anyone via searching through Facebook’s Ad Library, or by going to a specific page’s About section and clicking on ‘Page transparency’. Doing this manually is quite time consuming though, so at Neticle, we’ve been collecting and analyzing dark posts and their engagement data since the start of 2024. You can opt to include them in your social listening analysis too to understand their role in campaigns, which can be quite significant, as these are often the most relevant elements in terms of engagement (especially comments).


  1. 2. Facebook Groups and business chats on Messenger

Facebook groups contain a large volume of posts, expressing the voice of the community in a highly relevant way. This can be a great chance for businesses to connect with their audiences on a more intimate level. Similarly, businesses who use Messenger to answer questions or manage orders/appointments can gain a lot by analyzing these written conversations.


Including these channels in your social listening analysis requires integration and approval from an administrator, but it is highly recommended to add them if they are part of your business strategy. You can learn more about this feature here.


  1. 3. Google Maps locations

Customer feedback on Google Maps contains highly valuable and location specific customer insights. Especially if your company has multiple locations displayed on Google Maps, analyzing this source of feedback reveals all you need to know about the service provided in them. You’ll be able to easily compare them and learn where you might discover employee best practices.


Accessing this information via social listening involves a simple installation process, and it yields crucial insights for making data-driven decisions. Learn more about analyzing Google Maps locations here.


  1. 4. LinkedIn pages

LinkedIn has been around for over 20 years as a platform for networking. Still, many businesses are just now starting to take advantage of communicating via company pages rather than just as individuals.


Neticle Media Intelligence can monitor your page’s activity, and this process isn’t synonym based. Instead, you can indicate which page you’d like to monitor and all content and interactions posted there will be collected and analyzed. It’s a great opportunity for employer branding as well as building new business connections, providing an entirely new perspective.


  1. 5. Reviews of apps and beyond

If your business has one or more mobile applications, monitoring their reviews is highly necessary. Yet, app reviews are often somewhat misconceptualized: people tend to think of them as feedback meant only for the developers. In reality, users leave all kinds of insight-heavy feedback related to multiple aspects of the business, relevant to many different departments like marketing, sales, or customer experience.


Neticle Media Intelligence can also monitor reviews posted to Tripadvisor or Booking.com, for example, as well as many other location or sector specific pages. Analyzing these reviews can be key for those in the tourism industry and many other sectors as well. If you have a specific page in mind, make sure to get in touch with us to see if we can monitor reviews posted there.


  1. 6. Offline media

We can cover printed newspapers, TV, and radio as well to round out your media analysis. In some cases, the offline part can be key to evaluate KPIs, ROI, or campaigns arching across multiple platforms.


Offline monitoring has many uses, learn all about them from this dedicated blog post.


+1: Multiple countries at the same time

You’ve probably heard that Neticle’s NLP engine understands over 30 languages, but did you know that this enables us to analyze multiple countries in parallel? If your multinational company needs monitoring in each country it is present in, you’ll be able to see the results right next to each other in one platform.


Cross-country monitoring is also useful when you want to do research before entering a new market, or when you want to compare the reputation of your brand in various locations. All content is analyzed in the original language it was posted in, but all results can easily be translated to and displayed in English on our dashboard.


Have we sparked your interest in adding a new channel to your social listening analysis? Get in touch and let’s set it up for you!


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