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Two years ago, we brought the future of media intelligence to you. Since then we have learned a lot from your media insight analysis methods, and now we are proud to present the newest, third version of our popular Media Intelligence tool.

When developing the fresh features that we were so driven to support our clients with, there were three main focal points in our minds. We wanted to provide better solutions to the following challenges:

  • Less manual work and faster decision making

Our goal here was to reveal insights and drivers by just one click on our smart drill-down pane. Where there is a change or peak in the data flow, this pane summarises and explains the details behind it. You can understand all trends and outliers on your market with our Insights view, and get automated notifications about your market’s dynamics and shifts.

Do you need competitor analysis or a data-driven hashtag selection? You can now create any kind of report using the 93 charts and 21 report templates available. These were designed based on our 10 years of expertise in media analysis.

  • Matching international companies’ needs

Is your company present in multiple countries across the region? The new version provides a consistent view exactly for you, then: Neticle distinguishes mentions geographically with a combination of public metadata, metadata-based predictions and smart language filtering. This means you can check your company’s reputation separately in Austria or in Germany, or for example in Czechia, separate from Slovakia.

Content analysis is available in 19 languages with human-level precision. Even key topics and tags are automatically translated now. And that is not all: any news pieces or mentions can be translated with just one click. You can even decide to translate all filtered mentions to understand what is happening on the market of your international branches.

To keep you posted about international news in a convenient way, you can now set our newsletters and digests to always be sent in a translated format. This way you will be able to oversee your international activities in real-time.

  • Easier data exports and data integrations

Do you need to integrate KPIs, social media insights and competitor data into your own system? It is possible to do so with our Neticle Data API, and you can even create a real-time data connection with your internal platforms, dashboards or data lakes.

The options don’t end there: you can directly use Neticle Media Intelligence data in your PowerBI dashboard, to combine your sensitive internal information with media, social media and competitor data. You can export data to create your own report or use it in your own template in PNG, JPEG, XLSX, CSV or SVG format. If you work with multiple views, you can also export full reports and dozens of data views with one click.

Annotations and PowerPoint generation are features that are still in the works, they will further add to automation and will help both our Analyst and Sales team. Another big innovation we’re looking forward to is white-labelling, so our clients will soon be able to add their own designs to the dashboard and documents.

No rest for the technology obsessed

Eight years in the making, Neticle Media Intelligence has gone through some major changes. The first version was developed back in 2012 based on our own ideas, and we’ve been listening to customer feedback ever since. The second, 2018 version was already built on that, but the technology is improving rapidly in our area and it keeps us on our toes all the time.

With this third, streamlined version, our small but strong frontend team aimed to make the code they used even nicer and cleaner than before, and they have been working for a year to help all the necessary new features come to life as well.

A giant leap for Neticle and the frontend developer team

In the beginning, Róbert Horváth, our CTO was the developer responsible for the interface you are familiar with. The frontend team has since been reinforced by two colleagues, Ádám Szigeti and Kitti Salamon, and the third version is the product of their joint efforts.

Kitti started working on the development as a junior colleague, so it was a very big step for her, and an exciting challenge to grow up to the task at hand. “I truly became a programmer and an important part of the team thanks to this project” - she says. “I am proud that I am at a level now where the others can trust me and my decisions.”

At first, Ádám and Kitti had to get acquainted with parts of Róbert’s previous coding to keep the previous version’s most successful features, and then Róbert welcomed their additions in the new version. In the meantime, he also had to keep the old version running.

One of their first tasks was switching to a new frontend technology that was compatible with the admin interface and, which means that our colleagues have been able to help each other out more easily and information has been flowing better. “We also had to modernise the APIs while staying compatible with the current database. I loved building on previous knowledge and the lessons we learned” - Ádám emphasises.

Choosing the features to include became a sixth sense

“Our account team gets a lot of feedback from our customers, which we love. However, adding as many new features as possible while keeping the system stable and running is where we had to find our balance” - highlights Róbert. “I had not done a development like this in a team. It was amazing to see how many angles there are to the same thing and in how many ways you can solve a problem. That’s why I love code review, we learn a lot from each other.”

He explains that after a while, the frontend team developed a clear picture of what the final goal was, which almost became a sixth sense and helped them choose which features to include and how to implement them in the product.

Ádám adds: “The final product is great! Along the way, it was sometimes hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I am so happy with how it turned out. We improved a lot as a team, sometimes I feel like we can almost read each other’s minds and it shows in the code.”



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