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Banks Who Listen To Take Action

White paper

Neticle has several large financial institutes among its clients, and now it's time to share our knowledge. We reveal how to be at the front of competition & how to place great emphasis both on customer experience and online reputation management.

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Social listening-based communication in higher education

Case study

Through the example of the University of Szeged, we present how one can successfully use insights from social media and online news in higher education brand building.

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How social listening supports campaign management

White paper

One of the many ways in which Neticle Media Intelligence can be useful is evaluating the success of different PR campaigns and promotions. Find the most engaging content and most effective channels with social listening.

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From Forbes to Neticle: celebrities’ strategies revealed

White paper

What does a celebrity’s online reputation come down to? We answer that by showing how the top 10 celebrities performed online. And clearly - there are many different roads leading to success.

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Analysis of the DACH region’s top fitness apps

White paper

To look at how digitalization and fitness trends are reflected in the online world, we have collected and analyzed the public online mentions of the top health & fitness apps in the DACH region.

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A green challenge turned into an FMCG campaign

White paper

To assess the momentum of Veganuary 2022, and to see which brands had the most success related to the campaign, Neticle has collected the public posts, comments, articles, and videos where the relevant hashtag was used in Europe.

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How BNPL apps propel ecommerce in Germany

White paper

To get an impression of the current BNPL landscape in Germany, and to predict what customers expect from ecommerce payments in 2022, we’ve investigated the online reputation of some already popular apps, and that of some still on the rise.

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Great apps, safety & sustainability: here's what retail customers dream of

Case Study

There’s been a detectable shift in customer needs in 2020/21, clearly reflected in CX feedback and the developments top retailers are making. In this material, we show you what matters most to customers now.

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Is Black Friday getting any greener?


Black Friday is still very popular across the world in 2021. However, the eco-conscious voices of Green Friday have been becoming louder for the past few years, drawing attention to the unsustainable amount of unnecessary consumption.

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How passing up on physical branch networks can lead to a more personal banking experience


Banking habits are changing rapidly as a result of the emergence of neobanks. With cryptocurrency exchange and banking clients doing business through mobile applications, a new trend is undeniable.

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Norming before performing: the status of e-mobility in Nordic countries


E-mobility is on the rise everywhere in the world. Scandinavian countries are no exception to this trend, but there are local features and specialties of how people use these services and how regulations affect this field.

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Politics_wp_cover_Rajztábla 1
Cracking the code of online reputation & tracking opinions


A politician’s personal online reputation will form even if they don’t go online. Let us show you how Neticle Media Intelligence, a social media monitoring tool with humanly precise text analysis, can help you in your political endeavours and/or research.

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From fun to educational: what do we like about the DACH region’s favourite influencers?

Case Study

With Neticle Media Intelligence, we looked at the activity of the DACH region’s top influencers, to discover what kind of content has been popular and if the influencers themselves have changed the direction in which they were going.

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The birth of online sentiment analysis in Albania

Case Study

OTP Bank Albania wanted to get to know the voice of the customer and improve their PR and marketing strategy. This case study explains the process and the results that are now attainable for any other Albanian company or organisation, too.

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shoot_your_sport_wp_cover_Rajztábla 1
Shoot your sports team into online superstardom


Managing the external communication and operations of a sports team or an athlete is hardly imaginable today without keeping a close eye on their online reputation. How do Bayern München, RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund do this?

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Why social listening is the most valuable tool in investment portfolios in 2021


A wealth of insights is hidden in online data that will unfold once you tap into the world of social listening. All you have to do is act on alerts and watch as your investments yield profit.

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How has the sharing economy changed in Germany?

Case Study

Germany's sharing economy is one of the largest in Europe. In this study, we're only going to be looking at three areas within it: 12 brands that came from the lodging, food and transportation market.

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neticle_mindshare_case study
How Mindshare embraced social listening to seize clients’ audiences

Case Study

For one of the largest media agencies, Mindshare Austria, Neticle provides trend & competitor analysis through real-time social listening. In this use case, we will highlight how these services are used at UNIQA.

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Digitalisation is the way to go - transformation and evolution in 2020


How could industries adapt to the COVID-19 era and to the accelerated digitalisation? Here is everything we learned about e-commerce, retail, marketing and online gaming by analysing the social media data.

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Vodafone Hungary

“Neticle Media Intelligence shows us what the web thinks about our brand, our services, our competitors and our industry. Using Neticle we got to hear the feedback from our customers in their voice, and it allows us to see the highest priority areas for improvement in real-time.”

Ágnes Gyetvai Social Media Manager


“Neticle has a user-friendly interface, and the staff members are always ready to help with anything. Without a doubt, I give Neticle and the team a score of 10/10. Honestly, I would happily recommend both the team and the tool to anybody.”

Adrienn Orosz External Communication Specialist


“Great support for individual solutions and requirements. Highly accurate sentiment 
and categorization tools deliver new insights of the state of public opinion on the brand.”

Niklas Wiesauer Managing Director, Innovation & Strategy

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