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If you’re managing a brand or leading a marketing and communications team, a lot hinges on whether you notice hidden connections in data and draw the right conclusions. Neticle Media Intelligence can set you up for success in the coming year by preparing a thorough social listening analysis of your online presence in the past 12 months. This analysis goes beyond mere numbers: it shows the reasons behind them.

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Three steps to clarity

Neticle’s analysis is structured around three key elements. First, it explains overall market changes to help you put your results into context. Then, it compares your results one by one to those of your competitors. Finally, it provides clear, action-ready insights, which directly help with decision making, aligning your resources, and developing a strategy for next year.


The report is prepared carefully by Neticle’s Analyst Team, and you’ll be able to filter and drill down into results if needed.
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Evaluating efforts

What has been the Return of your Investments like? We’ll collect the best and worst performing messages and campaigns and point out which channels have helped you get closer to your goals. You’ll also see whether partnerships with influencers or other brands/organizations have brought the results you wanted, and whether product releases were as smooth as you wished them to be.


Did your followers rather enjoy your TikTok videos, or did they resonate more with your tweets? Did some of your content go viral? Which posts caused disappointment or generated controversial responses? All of this will demonstrate the impact of your activity, and will serve as proof for your budgeting decisions. Based on the analysis, you’ll be able to define clear KPIs and benchmarks, and set up a new reporting structure.

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Wide coverage & automatic text analysis

The proprietary algorithm built into Neticle Media Intelligence provides automatic topic and sentiment analysis of all the public online mentions of your brand. We monitor everything from news outlets to social media platforms, including blogs, forums, app reviews and more. The sentiment analysis reveals key emotions, and shows which topics had positive and negative sentiments attached to them. Forget vanity metrics, and get ready for clear data on what has engaged your audience and how they’ve felt about it.

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Vodafone Hungary

“Neticle Media Intelligence shows us what the web thinks about our brand, our services, our competitors and our industry. Using Neticle we got to hear the feedback from our customers in their voice, and it allows us to see the highest priority areas for improvement in real-time.”

Ágnes Gyetvai Social Media Manager


“Neticle has a user-friendly interface, and the staff members are always ready to help with anything. Without a doubt, I give Neticle and the team a score of 10/10. Honestly, I would happily recommend both the team and the tool to anybody.”

Adrienn Orosz External Communication Specialist


“Great support for individual solutions and requirements. Highly accurate sentiment 
and categorization tools deliver new insights of the state of public opinion on the brand.”

Niklas Wiesauer Managing Director, Innovation & Strategy

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