Why you should track your product releases with social listening

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Apple released the new iPhone 14 on the 16th of September, 2022, while the iOS 16 launched on the 12th. Let’s see what social listening data from the DACH region tells us about their success, and how marketers can also benefit from such an analysis.

Sometimes, the internet can feel like a vast ocean, and manually collecting User Generated Content is an almost impossible task, let alone aggregating all the data that would reveal the insights you desperately need. This is especially true when users talk about your brand or product on many different platforms, as we will see shortly in the case of Apple.


You don’t have to take on this burden though, because social listening tools like Neticle Media Intelligence will solve this marketing operations issue by automatically collecting all the public online mentions of any given product, brand or person, and then performing thorough text- and data analysis on all of it. On top of that,

You can track what happens in the online world in real time, as Neticle Media Intelligence collects every piece of new content within 10-30 minutes of its publication.

From anticipation to release & beyond

  • How much did they talk about your product?



The daily number of mentions chart reveals which days your topic (brand/product) was most actively discussed, and you can easily track the flow of the online buzz. For example, there was a lot of talk about the iPhone 14 in all three countries around the 7th of September, while the iOS 16 had a different peak at its launch.


  • What platforms and which authors were the most active?



News sites and social media platforms all influence the online conversation, but where users mostly discuss a topic may be different from country to country, or depending on the topic. In Switzerland for example, the iPhone 14 had quite a lot of mentions on Instagram, while the iOS 16 was rather mentioned in articles.


This knowledge helps you determine where to advertise your products, or which platforms are the best suited to forge a more personal relationship with your customers.

You can also dig down to discover which sites, authors or influencers participated the most, which may lead to future partnerships.



The most active authors in Germany related to the iPhone 14 and the iOS 16



  • How many users did the product release reach?



When things go viral on social media, or when all the news sites put your product on their frontpages, the number of potentially reached users can skyrocket. The Reach chart above reveals that the release of the iOS 16 did not get into the limelight that much, but there was a fair share of talk around the iPhone 14, potentially reaching more than 15 million users on the 7th of September.


  • What were the prevailing emotions in the mentions? Were they rather positive or negative?



The NLP engine built into Neticle Media Intelligence performs meticulous sentiment analysis on all the collected text: it reveals what sort of opinions people mentioning your product may have about it: positive, negative or neutral. Users have been more positive than negative about both the iPhone 14 and the iOS 16 in all three countries, which is a good sign regarding the product releases.


But the sentiment analysis reveals even more: it identifies seven main emotions in the mentions, so you can get a closer idea of the feelings underpinning the positive or negative opinions.

Apple-emotion_map-2022-09-15 (1)


This isn’t all a proper media intelligence software can do though: you can always dig deeper into campaign metrics by examining engagement (interaction) data, find key forum threads, identify topics, or peer behind the indexes we have already discussed, and identify each platform’s individual reach, or the best influencers by platform. Options are pretty much endless.


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