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Excellence in Media Intelligence

Relying on the latest technologies in all fields (AI, NLP, and programming) has always been essential for us in our mission of providing the most excellent media intelligence solution to our clients. Thanks to this continuous development approach, a study by Darmstadt University shows we have become more convenient than other platforms on the market.

Neticle is more convenient than other platforms.
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Collect more relevant mentions than others

When it comes to social listening, we know it is crucial to find as many relevant public mentions as possible. This is why we have developed our own search engines, own language recognition algorithms and geo recognition algorithms. We compared our German data collection results with two other leading providers and we found that we had 25% more relevant mentions.

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Own NLP technology with human-level precision

Text analysis and NLP (natural language processing) are Neticle’s core competence. We have developed our own text analysis engine for the languages we cover. As a result of the framework we've built, we are able to model a new language in only 8 weeks. This means our market-leader, humanly precise sentiment analysis algorithm can summarize even thousands of mentions effectively and in real-time.

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Outstanding visualization

Social media buzz needs to be quantified and qualified for anyone to be able to make fast data-driven decisions. We've created unique charts - for example mention graphs, entity graphs, topic maps, an emotion map and a website map - and with their help, we can turn all mentions and numbers into insights.

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Understanding the uniqueness of local media

We handle the differences between countries’ media platforms and social media habits to have the best coverage and relevancy, while Neticle’s engineering and data science team focuses on modelling each language with a unique methodology. Based on the framework, the algorithm of Neticle Media Intelligence can recognize, understand and analyze online media mentions from formal language to slang.

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Exclusive platform features

We've developed superior functions to be ahead of other vendors and ensure outstanding user experience to our clients. For example, we have an insight engine that recognises social media trends automatically and we've designed a drill down process that unveils the drivers of the outlier values with one click.

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Professional account support

We help our clients with a dedicated Client Success Manager team, who provide training and support in setting up media intelligence workflows, such as understanding insights or tailoring adjustments to their unique needs. In addition, Neticle’s in-house expert analyst team is available to compile regular or ad hoc PPT/PDF analyses.

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Vodafone Hungary

“Neticle Media Intelligence shows us what the web thinks about our brand, our services, our competitors and our industry. Using Neticle we got to hear the feedback from our customers in their voice, and it allows us to see the highest priority areas for improvement in real-time.”

Ágnes Gyetvai Social Media Manager


“Neticle has a user-friendly interface, and the staff members are always ready to help with anything. Without a doubt, I give Neticle and the team a score of 10/10. Honestly, I would happily recommend both the team and the tool to anybody.”

Adrienn Orosz External Communication Specialist


“Great support for individual solutions and requirements. Highly accurate sentiment 
and categorization tools deliver new insights of the state of public opinion on the brand.”

Niklas Wiesauer Managing Director, Innovation & Strategy

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