Social listening for Retailers

Our analysts have been working with retail companies for ten years: food retailers, electronics retailers, drug stores, clothing and furniture stores. We understand how retail companies must gauge the needs of their customers and observe other market participants through online media monitoring in real time, in order to be more competitive.

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Some of our already satisfied clients from the sector

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Advantages of media monitoring for the retail industry


Both online and traditional retailers use our social listening tool to master their daily challenges. This is why it is of special importance to them:


Competitor analysis

We know from our own experience how fiercely competitive the retail industry is: digital campaigns and projects are changing every week. With our online media monitoring software, you can monitor and analyse all of the competition's campaigns in real time, so you are one step ahead of them and can plan your campaigns accordingly.

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Impeccable brand reputation

It’s a well-known fact that great brand reputation leads to loyal customers and an increased brand value. With social listening you can measure, monitor and analyse your brand reputation in social networks and online media in real time - don’t underestimate the importance of these.

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Campaign success measurement

You can closely track and measure the success of various online marketing campaigns using social media monitoring. By comparing the success of a campaign with previous ones, as well as with benchmarks from retail, you can get the most out of your marketing budget.

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Enhanced shopping experience

Online and offline shopping processes in retail must be designed as a pleasant experience for the customer. If you manage to achieve this, a long-term relationship can arise: loyal customers regularly visit the retailer's store(s) or online shop. In order to optimise shopping experience, customer feedback is important and valuable, and it can come from social media, review sites, app stores and much more. With Neticle Media Intelligence, it’s all automatically collected and visualised for you on our dashboard.

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Trending topics

Experienced players in retail know how important it is to identify and set new trends early - because there is enormous sales potential here. With Neticle Media Intelligence, you can follow trending topics online and ensure you are one of the first to bring important trends and innovative products to market.

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Crisis monitoring

Do you have nightmares about missing out on an online crisis? Not with Neticle! Our tool monitors all online events in real time and informs you immediately of problematic online discussions concerning your brand. This means you can react at lightning speed and get involved in good time to defuse any crisis quickly.

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In order to set up your individual social listening dashboard, we would first like to better understand your specific needs and priorities in retail.



On the basis of a short conversation, our industry experts will set up your ideal profile, which automatically monitors all of the brands, products, conversation topics and marketing campaigns you want.



After just one week, you will have full access to our comprehensive dashboards and retail reports

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Is Black Friday getting any greener?


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90 days of insights to prove: Digitalisation is the Way to Go


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“Neticle has a user-friendly interface, and the staff members are always ready to help with anything. Without a doubt, I give Neticle and the team a score of 10/10. Honestly, I would happily recommend both the team and the tool to anybody.”

Adrienn Orosz External Communication Specialist

"I appreciate our cooperation with Neticle based on two aspects: platform and team. It is a local development, so it precisely knows the uniqeness of our language compared to other algorithms. And the client support is always available and helpful to resolve our issues. Altogether, it provides valuable statistics and solutions in a short time."

Ádám Jóna Social Media Specialist

"Neticle Media Intelligence is a tool filled with smart functions - it saves us resources, and we can follow our own and competitors' online reputation. It makes us more effective on the market, we can build an in-depth relationship with customers. I recommend Neticle Media Intelligence to those who desire something that gives true power to overcome competitors."

Kristína Kubicová Company owner & CEO

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Reading about Neticle Media Intelligence is one thing, but we know that the proof is always in the pudding. Book a demo and one of our Insights Managers will contact you as soon as possible. Take the first step towards data-driven decision-making!

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