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Don’t worry, we’re not going rogue, but now we can analyze Group posts and Messenger interactions for you if an admin gives us permission. These are much-requested sources – read on to see how you can also benefit from them.

Summer is here and so are the rest of the new inbound sources promised back in November, expanding the range of possibilities you have with Neticle Media Intelligence. This time we’re focusing on Facebook.


If you are a digital or marketing manager, CX manager or community manager, we really think that the analysis of Facebook groups will enrich your work with new insight and simplify some of your tasks. But if you are working as Head of Customer Service, a CX director or a quality assurance manager, for example, we believe that Facebook Messenger’s analysis is the feature that offers a lot of value in your day-to-day work. Let’s see the details!


Facebook Group posts & comments

Many large enterprises manage multiple sizable Facebook communities in the form of groups, in relation to their activities or brands. They provide a great, slightly more intimate way to connect with their customers. This is especially typical in the FMCG sector and for companies in the sharing economy.


Demo Retail-mention_graph-2022-06-15


These Facebook groups contain a large volume of posts, expressing the voice of the community & the voice of the customer in a highly relevant way for the groups’ owners. However, much like with other types of social media content, it’s very time consuming to manually analyze the posts, and manual analysis also contains a wide margin of human error, causing inconsistency in the data.


Neticle’s automated text analysis can solve that problem, and deliver the insights hidden in the posts, without revealing users’ identity. Setting up the connection with NMI for data collection and analysis is easy: our app simply needs to be installed into the Facebook group by one of your administrators, and then there is an authentication step within NMI as well. If needed, multiple groups can be added into the same profile, while one group can also be added to multiple keywords. However, the collected data will not be shared with Neticle’s other clients, only with the client in question.



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Direct messages in Facebook Messenger

Companies with very active Facebook pages also use Facebook Messenger next to their groups to interact with their customers, and with good reason: many customers expect immediate reactions, and love not having to wait on the phone to get a quick answer. This channel can be really effective for both parties, particularly in the retail, e-commerce, telecommunication, banking, delivery, and insurance sectors.




Yet, a lot of untapped information is hidden in these conversations, especially when a chatbot engine is involved. With its built-in automated text analysis, Neticle Media Intelligence can now help answer questions about Messenger such as:

  • What are the reasons for contact?
  • What are the most frequently mentioned problems?
  • How satisfied & happy are users at the end of the conversation?
  • Which agents are the most effective and why?


Through the analysis, the quality of help desk, contact centers or chatbots can be tracked and quantified. Furthermore, the data can be integrated into as well, to handle it as part of the 360-degree view of customer feedback.





Just like with groups, this data will not be shared with Neticle’s other clients, and users’ identities also remain secret, but the setup process is different. To access Messenger data, the client needs to log into Facebook through NMI, where they can select the relevant page from a drop-down list of the pages they manage. After that, the Facebook Messenger channel can be added to one or more keywords.


We hope you’re as excited about these new developments as we are! Our products can now answer a truly wide variety of questions - check the full feature set of Neticle Media Intelligence. However, if you are on the fence about trying these features...


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