New data sources & destinations in Neticle Media Intelligence

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The compatibility of Neticle Media Intelligence has just become even wider. Get to know the new platforms that our data will soon be channeled from and into!

One of the goals of the developer team behind Neticle Media Intelligence is to keep expanding the possibilities of what the tool can do. An important aspect of that is of course the variety of data sources and platforms it can work with. Neticle’s Data API is the secret weapon that enables us to add them, and we’re happy to announce that several long-awaited options will shortly be arriving to the available range. Let’s see what they are!


The new inbound sources

In the new integrations menu on the NMI portal, you’ll find an inbound section. We’ll be adding four new data sources here. In each case, a user or an admin will need to grant access to the data that is to be channeled into NMI. All collected data will of course be accessible to users of the given NMI profile only, we will not share it with third parties.

  • Facebook Groups

    We’re happy to report that Facebook allows access to their group content once again, though only under strict conditions. If you would like NMI to collect and analyze posts from a certain group, the Neticle application must be installed in the group, and the user (group admin) who installed it must be signed in with their Facebook ID on the NMI portal, too.

  • Reviews on Google Maps

    To collect these, the owner of the location in question must give permission. The results of location review analysis can particularly be useful in retail, where the performance of different stores can be compared.

  • Facebook Messenger

    Chat data has a different format than what we’ve mostly been collecting so far, since these are conversations and need thread ID-based grouping (but are more complex than comment threads under posts). Therefore, the visualization of them within NMI presents a challenge, but also an exciting opportunity.

  • Newsletters

    We plan to add a feature for users who want some of their emails analyzed in NMI. They will have to set a rule in their inbox to forward the relevant emails to a dedicated email address provided by us (generated by the portal). This is a less requested feature though and is a bit further down the line than the other three inbound sources.



Outbound targets

We don’t only visualize the analyzed data on our own platform now. Thanks to our Data API – which also has more metadata than it used to, and the results (mentions, KPIs and insights) it provides are more enhanced -, the data can all be funneled into outer systems, dashboards and BIs. Right now, SDKs are being compiled for the most common programming languages, and connectors are being prepared for the following platforms:

  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Google Data Studio

We are also working on enabling our interactive charts to be embedded into websites. However, opportunities don’t end here: further connections can be developed by clients (for example to their own, internal dashboards) – we can provide the necessary input for such custom solutions as well.


Do you have an idea on how you could also benefit from the new features? Contact our team and see it put to action immediately in a demo!




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