The door is open for augmented reality and async work

The lifestyle that emerged during the pandemic brought more online purchases and online administration along. Péter Szekeres, Neticle’s CEO predicts intriguing changes based on this and has shared them with CIO Applications Magazine.

  • 02. 10. 2021.
  • 2 min
Breaking news: Neticle has levelled up

We’re starting February with an important step forward, as from now on, Neticle operates as a Private Limited Company.

  • 02. 03. 2021.
  • 2 min
The Impact of a Global Pandemic on Online Business and Marketing

People’s behaviour, the global economy and even the global news reporting patterns are wildly different than what they were in the past. Here are some impacts that the global pandemic has on online businesses and marketing.

  • 01. 04. 2021.
  • 4 min
Start to create surveys with 2 clicks using

We take intelligent text analysis to the next level: besides making Neticle’s solutions available for the Croatian and Swiss market, our smart survey maker and analyser tool, has become available within just two clicks for everyone.

  • 09. 02. 2020.
  • 2 min
What TikTok users think about your brand

It is pretty much common knowledge that the app has gained significant popularity among teenagers and young adults since its launch in 2017 – and from now on we can better understand what the users talk about.

  • 06. 19. 2020.
  • 3 min
International growth and ever-improving analyses are where it’s at for Neticle

Entering the Czech and Slovakian markets in March means a new milestone for us: Neticle has complete V4 coverage now, and our services have become available in 12 countries.

  • 03. 27. 2020.
  • 3 min
Neticle's 2019 in numbers

  • 01. 02. 2020.
  • 2 min
Neticle: rebranded

  • 07. 19. 2019.
  • 3 min