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Research is the basis of all innovation

Neticle’s been analyzing and evaluating textual data for 12 years, and we know that there is so much insight that can be extracted both from client data and data collected from outside sources. It is very clear to us how important disruptive innovation and modernization are, but we see it time and again that these yield the best results when the innovators are thinking and planning in a data-driven way.

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Social listening is unaffected by who's asking the questions

When you begin working with Neticle, a team of experienced analysts will do their best to answer your research questions and aid you on your social listening or CX journey. This dedicated team is headed by Péter Zelenák, who, in this interview, told us about the changing role of text analytics in the lives of businesses, along with some of the benefits that often get overlooked.

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NLP’s biggest benefits are speed and consistency – says Neticle’s linguist

Kinga Fegyó is Neticle’s computational linguist: she makes sure Neticle’s language models are always in top condition, and she creates the basis of new ones as well. In our interview, she gave us a behind the scenes look at how text analysis happens. Some may say it’s magic, but Kinga revealed its secrets. She also told us about the power of NLP, current industry trends & future projects she’s excited about.

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Man is a social (media) animal

With 63% of the world’s population using the internet, the amount of content posted online is mind-boggling. The role of Big Data analysis is more important than ever, and you need good tools if you want to thoroughly understand opinions in news and social media.

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Data Security in AI Technology

Today, technology plays a significant role in fueling the entire world’s shift into a more dynamic system. And one of the most sought-after techs nowadays is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s a branch of computer science that’s interconnected with numerous disciplines, promising enhanced efficiency and higher levels of autonomy and automation.

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