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Social Listening for the Banking Sector

Thanks to social media, measuring your share of voice has never been easier. Whether you want to keep track of your online reputation, your brand visibility or you need to take action towards angry comments ASAP, Neticle Media Intelligence is here to help.

We help banking sector players overcome their challenges

These are the common cases in banking that drive them to use an online media analysis tool:

Monitoring the user experience - illustration

Monitoring user experience regarding online banking and application is crucial for digital transformation strategy, but collecting online reviews manually is difficult and time-consuming

Analyses - illustration

Brand managers need a platform that shows the analyses of competitors’ online presence

Real-time monitoring - illustration

PR and customer support teams can benefit from the real-time monitoring of every press content, social media posts and comments written about the bank

How it works

Briefing - illustration


We ask for short briefs from our clients’ issues as a start.

Analysis - illustration


Based on the brief, our industry specialists and analysts create the keywords the companies want to monitor (brands, topics, products).

Results - illustration


Within 2 weeks, our new clients have access to comprehensive analyses about the keywords.

The benefits of using Neticle Media Intelligence

Track your clients’ online banking experience

Our charts will reveal the pain points and advantageous features of your banking portal or application, based on the public posts, comments or reviews coming from your users. You will see what you need to improve for better user experience and what features are so popular that you can build advertisement messages on them. These insights will drive strategy and communication decisions as well as help define a unique selling point for your banking product.

Track your clients’ online banking experience
Get to know everything about your competitors

Get to know everything about your competitors

Understanding your country’s banking landscape is essential. A big part of this discovery is monitoring their reputation. You can see all important metrics and insights about their online presence on our dashboard, get a comprehensive competitor analysis from our experts or get immediate alerts when discussions about rival companies are on the rise. These features also help you understand your own position on the market, compared to theirs.

Engage with your clients real-time

We all know people tend to be overly judgemental when it comes to bank malfunctions like poor customer service or system errors. It is their money on the line, after all. Don’t worry, the dashboard of Neticle Media Intelligence will show you the frequent and outrageous complaints and problems on social media, news sites, blogs and forums. The system will analyse them the moment they are published so the results will help you deal with them quickly and efficiently.

Engage with your clients real-time

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Neticle Media Intelligence provides real-time social listening insights to boost data-driven decision making.


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