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Features of Neticle Media Intelligence

Scanning Neticle
Real-time monitoring
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Youtube, Instagram)
News portals
Video sites
App Store reviews
Google Play reviews
Webshop reviews
Special sites (country specific) (220.ro, Indavideo.hu, etc.)
Automated content analysis (sentiment analysis, tagging, insights) Neticle
Sentiment analysis with human level precision
Unique reputation index to track online reputation
Automated sentiment recognition
Automated brand recognition (tagging)
Automated person recognition (tagging)
Automated topic recognition (tagging)
Automated place recognition (tagging)
Automated organisation recognition (tagging)
Automated emotion recognition (tagging)
Automated gender recognition
Automated insight discovery
Automated trending topic recognition
Service items Neticle
Max number of system accesses Unlimited
Trial period
Customizable crisis alert notification (e-mail)
Notifications on unexpected reputation drop
Notifications on unexpectedly high mention numbers
Notifications on unexpectedly high mention numbers
Customizable e-mail newsletter
Customizable dashboards (with 50 charts)
Customizable reports
Sector specific report templates (10 business report templates)
Historical data
Integration API
Expert analysis by native speakers
System features Neticle
Available languages AL, AT, BG, CH, CZ, DE, GE, HR, HU, NL, PL, RO, RU, SI, SK, SRB, UA
Filter keywords
Benchmarking of competitors
Question search field to ask business question
Opinion leader recognition
Most active pages recognition
Managing mention feed by marking as read, adding notes and sending in email with one click.
Mail integration
PNG, PDF and XLS export
Support Neticle
Dedicated account
Profile and keyword setup by account
Free system training
Online video training series
Online use-cases
Free keyword modification

Contact Us

Neticle Labs

Contact Us!

1082 Budapest, Leonardo da Vinci str. 41. (2. em. 14.)

Registered seat:
H-1016 Budapest, Naphegy utca 28. fszt. 2

Photo of Péter Szekeres
Péter Szekeres

Co-founder & CEO
[email protected]
+36 70 701 6488

Photo of Tamás Tóth
Marcell Tamás Tóth

Media Analysis Consultant
[email protected]
+36 30 779 4626

Photo of Gabriella Sinka
Gabriella Sinka

Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]
+36 20 527 6187