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Our developers work super hard to complete new releases on Neticle Media Intelligence. Here you can read about the all-time latest improvements and you can see how it is beneficial for you.


NMI 2.2 is out, let's see the new features and updates!

Pinterest data

So far we only collected data from social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram. However, as Pinterest is getting more and more important in many brands' online communication, it was time to start monitoring what users write about brands or products here as well. It means more insights about your brand's holistic online presence. Enjoy!

Automatic report setups for beginners

From now on, when you get access to our dashboard, the system will automatically create 4 different report views for you. You will have different tabs with charts suitable to reveal insights about your own online reputation, competitor analysis, social media feedback and identifying opinion leaders. We hope it will help you get informed about your brand's online presence quickly and you can make the most of Neticle Media Intelligence right after the first login.

Live screen mode

Do you need to present the insights Neticle Media Intelligence revealed? Good news: you can stop bothering with downloading our charts in picture format! We have published NMI's live screen mode which means you can switch to a specific full screen view that is totally interactive. This way you can show every key result and message on the actual charts on your dashboard. Trust us, you will be the star of the meeting by using this feature!

If you want to try out the new features, contact us here!


New Overview chart

We loved our overview chart but it was clear that it needed some update for easier understanding. Shoutout to Bence, our Junior Developer because this is his first live chart! How do you like the new one?

UX updates

From now on the previous period is shown with lighter colour on topic map, emotion map and keyword map. It helps you get a better view on the trends and changes in the voice of people.

Key connecting topics with subtopics

Getting the key insights concerning what internet users talk about your brand or product has just become way easier. On this new chart you will not only see the connecting topics people mentioned the most frequently together with your keyword but you will see the most mentioned subtopics as well. Even better, example mentions will be there, too, so you don’t have to drill down to read the whole mentions when necessary.

More insights on the drill-down

It is no news that we call it drill-down when you can click on the chart to read the actual mentions behind the results. What news about is that we added more information about these text units, such as potential reach of the text, comments under the article, blog or post and similar content.

Number of mentions and reputation on the same chart

Earlier you had to check two charts to get a comprehensive picture about the daily number of mentions and the Web Opinion Index as well. Those days are thankfully gone, this new overview chart will have a bar chart and a graph to show you the comparison. This way you will immediately see how the peaks or drops in the amount of mentions affected your reputation.

If you’re interested in these new implementations, drop us a line and we will contact you with a demo!



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