Always be up to speed thanks to these new, time-saving features in Neticle Media Intelligence

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From now on, a new, automated newsletter can be set up to quickly update you and your team on every relevant topic in one place. Plus, you won’t need to check Google Maps anymore to learn about your locations’ reviews.

Automated enterprise newsletter

Many of you have already been using our regular digests and alert emails to harness the power of the full public online space, but starting from May 2022, a third kind of email newsletter has become available in Neticle Media Intelligence. This one can also be scheduled like digests, but the contents are much more customizable to achieve a tailor-made, streamlined result.


To save you time, we have developed a scoring system for mentions to rank them according to their importance, and so, in these automated newsletters, only the most interesting or urgent mentions will be featured. You can divide the newsletter into several sections, choosing a topic and unique settings for each. Mentions can come from different countries as well, with built-in automatic translations.


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We hope these newsletters will help boost your and your departments’ productivity in the morning (or whenever you like to read newsletters), by not having to search for relevant information in several places, but rather finding all essential news in one place concerning each brand, industry, or area that you wish to be brought up to speed on. This could be your own brand, your competitors and general market, or even a relevant geographical location – it is all up to you. Fresh, relevant information leads to better decision-making, too.

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Google Maps location reviews collected and analyzed

Back in November, we promised you to make Google Maps reviews part of our data sources. We’re very happy to report that we’ve made good on that promise, and these reviews are now within our analysis capabilities.


Do you have several stores, branches, hotels, or other locations across your area of operation? If they are registered on Google Maps, your customers have likely been leaving reviews on them, but checking all these one by one is rather time consuming. From now on, all you have to do is install an application in Google Workspace Marketplace to give Neticle access, and your reviews will be collected and analyzed like the rest of the public online content. However, unlike with other types of public content, only you will gain access to them, the rest of our clients will not.


See all your locations in one place on Neticle Media Intelligence’s dashboard, so that you can compare them, and make data-driven decisions on which ones need more attention, and which ones can be used as great examples.


If you would like to try these new features, or have more questions about them, don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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