Retail industry

Internet users’ opinion is crucial if you want to understand what customers think about your brand or products. Neticle Media Intelligence can reveal every necessary insight about your online reputation in real-time.

Frequent client problems

Retailers usually reach out to us with the following issues:

  • Their communications teams can’t read or monitor every medium and social media platform where users might write about them
  • They get lots of criticism online and they want to see when the negative comments are getting so big attention that they have to interfere
  • They want to see how their advertising campaigns succeed in the press and social media


  • First, companies send us short briefs about their issues. This is followed by a consultation between them and one of our industry specialists.
  • Together we create an extended brief so our analysis team will know what the company wants to monitor (their own online presence or their competitors’, product names, specific topics etc.). Then they create the keywords accordingly.
  • Within max. 2 weeks, our new clients can already see and access comprehensive analyses about the keywords they defined.


Enhance shopping experience in real-time

Get immediate alerts about the questions and complaints your customers address to you on social media. Our visualized charts will help you decide what the most important issues are and which ones you should respond to ASAP. This way you can improve their shopping experience and build a strong relationship with your customer base.

Track consumer behaviour

Monitor the voice of the customer and your target group’s opinion about various topics regarding your brand and market. Discover the latest trends in consumer habits and see what products people like to purchase recently. Moreover, thanks to social listening, you can get a glimpse of fashion before anyone else and become a trendsetter in merchandising.

Measure how your campaign performs

Our advanced charts can show you the engagement rate of your campaign and get you a throughout analysis on the reception of it. What messages could your audience identify with well and what were the ones that couldn’t really exceed your customers’ expectations? You will get to know all the results and the reasons behind it without having to read every connecting article, post or comment.

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